Collectiva Inanna is made up of four creative women specialised and practiced in music, poetry, visual art, research and education. Individually, we have taught toddlers, teenagers, under- and post- graduate students and professionals. We have teamed up to develop and deliver online interactive creative workshops centred around identity.

11 September 2021
An engaging interactive workshop that took people on a journey from mental, physical, social and spiritual displacement (experienced by each being in different ways) to a sense of belonging within and as part of a community.

The 90-minute workshop was split into short segments, each of which was facilitated by one of the educators and practicing artists of Collectiva Inanna. Music, art, writing, poetry and movement all featured, inviting participants to intuitively explore and express.

“That was outstanding! So many layers.”

Zoe P., workshop participant

“This is so brilliant… you really got to the heart of the erasure of women and how pernicious it is.”

Sarah M., workshop participant

6 June 2021
This interactive multi-disciplinary exploration of the geography of a woman’s body travelled across from tongue to toe, inviting expression through music, movement, writing, touch, drawing and discussion.

Women of all backgrounds were invited to join the four creative professionals from the eastern Mediterranean who make up Collectiva Inanna. With decades of experience in education, creative writing, fine art, and music, they facilitated an exploration like no other during a 1.5 hour workshop that made use of a mirror, pencils, watercolours, pen & writing paper.

“I love this workshop!”

Carla C., workshop participant

14 March 2021
A constellation of women from across the eastern Mediterranean shared their poetry, music, art, films, thoughts and experiences of belonging and identity. The line-up was followed by an open-mic session during which women from across the globe shared their thoughts and feelings.

Presenting were:
Manuella Mavromichalis, visual artist & poet
….. made us LOL with her MEME filled poetry film about aging disgracefully, before guiding us around the female body in a lightning creative workshop.
Hind Shoufani, poet & filmmaker
….. read one of her poems about love and travel before introducing us to The Granddaughter Diaries.
Seba Ali, pianist & educator
….. explored the impact of religion, race and gender in finding success in a male-dominated industry.
Maria Kouvarou, musician & poet
….. guided an interactive discussion about the role fathers play in guiding and shaping daughters.
Bahriye Kemal, writer & educator
….. talked about physical and mental displacement and how it impacts our sense of belonging.
Reem Maghribi, writer & story curator
…. guided a group exploration of the relationship between geography, identity and belonging

Cultures reflected through the multi-layered identities of speakers and their stories included Syrian, Cypriot, Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, Libyan, and Palestinian.

“When I saw that there would be four moderators, I wondered how that might work… but it’s clear that you all complement each other so well and are really in sync.”

– workshop participant