Reem Maghribi

A social activist, communications professional, passionate cook, gender specialist, proud mother, practicing poet and aspiring artist, Reem has roots in a number of European and Arab countries. Some roots she was born with, others she planted during her many migrations.

Reem performed in many a Shakespeare play at school in London (1990s); co-wrote and performed in ‘Seagulls’ at Beirut’s renowned Madina Theatre (2018); produced the grant funded play ‘I Am Not a Vase’ in Beirut and Stockholm (2019); performed in the single character play ‘A Woman Alone’, filmed during lockdown and screened in Larnaca (2020), and was awarded a grant by the Buffer Fringe Festival in Nicosia to co-write and co-perform in the play ‘Taking Back the Booty’ in Nicosia (2020). She is currently part of the cast of ‘Friends for Oscars’, a play to be performed in Nicosia in November 2021.