Manuella Mavromichalis

An artist, writer, educator and poet, Manuella studied art in Boise, Idaho and Boston, Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Art Education.

She has taught art to kindergarten children, adolescents and adults, one on one and in groups, in person and on-line. A writer and poet, Manuella often infuses words into her intuitive art workshops, which are tailored to the objectives of writers

Manuella has exhibited her artwork in the Middle East and has recently completed her first novel.

She placed 2nd in Poetry Slam, Cyprus in 2019 and 2021 and has performed her poetry in Athens and Cyprus at literary festivals, poetry conferences and various other events and venues.

She has also run Intuitive Art & Storytelling workshops for refugees in Greece, specifically unaccompanied minor girls, giving them an opportunity and platform to be seen and heard and to tell their story.

She lives in Cyprus with her family and cat, Tango, and loves nothing better than being surrounded by an obscene number of books and paintings. She holds regular workshops in Intuitive Art and Intuitive writing and is especially passionate about working with women, teens, writers and poets.